Marine Recreational Park Anambas Islands (MRPAI) is one of the largest conservation areas in Indonesia with a 1.2 million hectare area.

In 2011 it was declared a conservation area by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Decree No. 35 Year 2011.

Unfortunately, most of the area is MPA by name only, limited resources and logistical challenges has made it very difficult for the Marine Park Authorities to perform effective management.

The Anambas Islands are located in the northwest of Indonesia, approximately 240 km northeast of Singapore. The archipelago was formerly administrated under the Riau Islands Regency, but it is now independent and undergoing rapid development with immigration from people elsewhere in Indonesia such as Jakarta. Additionally, the Anambas Islands’ Government is now actively seeking investors to develop the area for ecotourism and other revenue-generating activities.

Did you know?

A marine park is a type of marine protected area (MPA). An MPA is a section of the ocean where a government has placed limits on human activity.

Although the islands lie on the outskirts of the “Coral Triangle”, their close proximity means that this marine landscape has significant potential to harbour a high diversity of reef building corals and associated marine life. However, like all areas within the South China Sea, these reefs face a myriad of challenges from developing nations for example over harvesting of resources, destructive fishing practices, anchor damage to reef corals, susceptibility to coral bleaching, abundant plastic pollution and a rapidly increasing human population.

To combat these issues, BAF is working closely with the authorities to improve the management of MPA at Bawah and the surrounding areas.